Karen received her training at the San Francisco School of Massage. She initially trained in Swedish and then continued her training in advanced massage therapies to include: Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. Karen has continued to deepen her understanding of the body and will be entering the Rolf Institute in March of 2008. This is an intensive two-year program to become a certified Rolfer. Karen is also a teaching assistant at the San Francisco School of Massage for the advanced deep tissue training.

Prior to becoming a bodyworker, Karen earned two BS degrees from University of California, Santa Barbara. After college Karen joined the High-Tech revolution and, after many years working as a techie, she took an introductory massage course and became hooked. After working for twelve years connecting computers and trouble-shooting networks, she had found the original system and it was beautiful and repairable. From that moment on, Karen started the transformation from network administrator to body administrator.

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